FHA loans present an avenue to enter the real estate market, particularly for individuals with limited funds for a down payment or those requiring flexible qualification options. Our objective is to assist you in realizing the potential of homeownership, even if you're starting with modest resources. You can still achieve your goals, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Don't let a lack of a sizable down payment or a lower credit score discourage you from owning your own home. Get in touch with us to explore how an FHA loan can suit your needs.


Minimum FICO Score.

  • 500 with debt-to-income limits
  • 580 high balance with limits


Down Payment.

  • 3.5% minimum borrower
  • Or Down Payment Assistance Programs are available for those who qualify



  • Primary residence


Other Highlights.

  • UPMIP financed
  • Monthly mortgage insurance required
  • 100% gift funds allowed
  • Up to 6% seller contribution
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